I’ve said it already – best intentions can reinforce racial stereotypes – but here’s another one: The new Foodwatch video. Time for Clichéwatch?

Foodwatch is a laudable NGO, and it’s campaign against food speculation at Deutsche Bank – www.haende-weg-vom-acker-mann.de – has stirred a lot of attention for a good cause.

So, please, what could be wrong with this video?

Black is poor, White is rich.

Black is stupid, White is smart.

Black is powerless, White is powerfull.

Black is ugly, White is shiny.

And so on…

Why is that a problem?

It reinforces stereotypes. Besides raising attention for food speculation, and rightly so, it tells “a single story about black people”. Why that’s a problem has been most beautifully explained by Chimamanda Adichie, Nigerian writer, in the following video:

But aren’t we beyond such stereotypes, anyway?

Maybe, some are. Maybe, most not.

Günter Wallraff, in his movie “Schwarz auf Weiß” would probably say “no” for Germany.

Nicholas K Peart would probably say “no” for the states.

And these kids say “no” for Mexico:


Go, and sign the foodwatch campaign to stop food speculation.

And watch out for single stories.


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